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Sex Toys and Sexual Advice

It’s high time to end the taboo on discussing sex and relationships. It’s all very well to say “bottoms up,” but let’s put intimacy first.

I can help you find The One Sex Toy you will always love and be excited to use whenever you are feeling lonely. I will help you analyze your needs and assist you in exploring your sexuality or with your partners.

Covering unsatisfied, aged, new or just want to try something out of the box couples, I have experience over 10 years exploring intimacy.

Whether you’re looking for ways to find The One on the dating scene, inject excitement into a long-term relationship, rekindle intimacy in a partnership that is going through a difficult period, or simply learn how to have more fun when dating, I can offer up my expertise.

Covering dating, relationships & intimacy and infidelity for both sexes, I have over 20 years’ hands on experience exploring sexuality.

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“I was not sure about the quality of the consultation, but it exceeded my expectation.”


“We are extremely happy with our session. Me and my wife are very much happy with the service.”

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“This is a savior from boring orgasms, it’s one of my best sex advice to date. The price and quality are reasonable too. XOXO”

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Help You Understand Your Needs
personal shopping assistant

Everybody has different body and not all toys suits you. I can look into your profile and help you make the right investment in your bed side best friend. Over 10 years of service with 1000’s of satisfied clients I have learned that selecting the right sex aid is IMPORTANT. You may not know this, but most people don’t get the most out of the toy they use. May be a rabbit is not the right choice for you, a stimulator is. Its scientifically proven that having the right sex toy pleasuring you, will give you the highest form of pleasure. Book a call now for best sex toy guide that will magnify your sexual pleasure X100.

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There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We are all unique individuals with unique lives, and whatever your challenges are, we will look at the larger picture and provide personalized guidance that will help you achieve your goals. I have a variety of shopping services right here, ranging from personal phone and video consultations to sample consultations and ongoing support packages.